An Innocent Abroad (Lonely Planet, 2014)

My essay, War Story, about my trip to the old battlefields of Western Europe with my father, a World War II vet, was featured in Lonely Planet's 2014 anthology, An Innocent Abroad: Life Changing Trips from 35 Great Authors. The book includes stories by Dave Eggers, Jane Smiley, Richard Ford and Pico Iyer. In the Dec 7, 2014, New York Times Book Review, Andrew McCarthy raved about the book and wrote that 'War Story' has "an almost confessional quality."

A Moveable Feast (Lonely Planet, 2010)

My story “Tijuana Terroir” about a trip south of the border for mouth-watering carnitas was included in Lonely Planet’s 2010 collection, A Moveable Feast: Life-Changing Food Adventures Around the World. Edited by Don George, the book features stories from Anthony Bourdain, Simon Winchester and Pico Iyer.

Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Writing (2013)

I’m among the editors and writers featured in interviews in the 2013 edition of the excellent Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing. The book offers one of the most realistic assessments I’ve seen of the pleasures and challenges of the travel-writing business.

Best Travel Writing 2007 (Travelers' Tales)

Smackdown in Tijuana, my story about enjoying some chair-slamming lucha libre Mexican wrestling in Tijuana, appears in Travelers’ Tales’ The Best Travel Writing 2007: True Stories from Around the World. The anthology features 29 stories, including pieces by Paul Theroux, Rory Stewart and Karin Muller.

Tales from Nowhere (Lonely Planet, 2006)

My story Thailand Dreaming appears in the anthology edited by Don George and published in 2006. Contributors include Pico Iyer, Simon Winchester, Jeffrey Tayler, Tim Cahill and Rolf Potts.

What Color is Your Jockstrap? (Travelers' Tales, 2006)

My story Lust in Translation about an unusual phone call to my hotel room in China, appears in the humor anthology edited by Jennifer Leo. The book also includes stories by Tim Cahill, Rolf Potts, Elliott Hester and Frank Bures.